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Brett Cannon
Brett Cannon

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Municipal Updates and Notifications

Matawan Municipal / Community Center
201 Broad Street
Matawan NJ 07747

732-566-3898 Main Number
732-290-7585 Fax Number

In Case of an Emergency CALL 911

Department Name / Title (click name to email) Phone
Mayor's Office Mayor Joseph Altomonte 732-566-3898 x605
Council President John Lazar 732-566-3898 x602
Council Stephanie Buckel 732-566-3898 x602
Council Brett Cannon
Brett Cannon
732-566-3898 x602
Cell:  908-433-9254
Council Deana Gunn 732-566-3898 x602
Council Brian Livesey 732-566-3898 x602
Council Nicolas Reeve 732-566-3898 x602
Police Chief Thomas J. Falco, Jr. - Chief of Police 732-566-1010 Dispatch
732-566-2933 Fax
OEM Chief Thomas J. Falco, Jr., Coordinator 732-497-6400
OEM Richard Michitsch - 1st Deputy Coordinator 732-497-6400
OEM Tim Clifton - 2nd Deputy Coordinator 732-497-6400
Fire Chief Ed Lee 732-261-5017 Phone
732-290-2031 Fax
First Aid    732-566-0005
Administration Scott Carew, Borough Administrator 732-566-3898 x601
Administration Grace Rainforth, Administrator's Assistant 732-566-3898 x600
Borough Clerk Karen Wynne 732-566-3898 x602
Construction & Zoning John Quinn, Construction Official & Zoning Officer 732-566-3898 x137
Construction & Zoning Lynn Kramer, Technical Assistant to the Construction Official 732-566-3898 x128
Finance Nicole Horvath, CFO/Treasurer 732-566-3898 x606
Health Larry Kasica, Monmouth County Department of Health 732-566-0740 or 732-566-3898 x651
Library Kimberly L. Paone, Library Director 732-583-9100
Municipal Court   (732) 583-4200 ext. 105 & 141
Fire Prevention Bureau Glenn Turner, Fire Official 732-290-8454 or
732-566-3898 x135
Fire Prevention Bureau Annemarie McCarty, Fire Prevention Assistant 732-290-8454 or
732-566-3898 x129
Property Maintenance Ken Marr Jr. 732-566-3898 x142
Public Information Officer Cathy Zavorskas  
Public Works John Applegate, Director 732-290-2015
Railroad Parking   732-566-3898 x600
Recreation Daria Dieterle, Recreation Director 732-566-3898 x130
Recycling  Grace M. Rainforth, CRP, SRMP, CCCC
Certified Recycling Coordinator
732-566-3898 x132
Registrar of Vital Statistics Grace M. Rainforth, CMR
Registrar of Vital Statistics
732-566-3898 x625 or 600
Registrar of Vital Statistics Kathleen Fitzgerald, Deputy Registrar 732-566-3898 x625
Tax Assessor Eric Zanetti, Tax Assessor 732-566-3898 x607
Tax Assessor Mary McMurray, Tax Assessing Clerk 732-566-3898 x608
Tax Collector Michael Schnurr, Tax Collector  
Tax Collector Kathleen Fitzgerald, Deputy Tax Collector 732-566-3898 x609
Utilities John Applegate, Licensed Superintendent 732-290-2015
Utilities Joyce Jorgensen, Water Sewer Clerk 732-566-3898 x629

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201 Broad Street
Matawan, New Jersey 07747
Phone: 732-566-3898     Fax: 732-290-7585